Best Kids Sewing Machine

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If you’ve got kids, then you know how difficult it can be to keep them occupied. Introducing them to sewing projects can be even more difficult, at least at first. This seems to beespecially true the older they get.


But no matter what age they are, once you get them involved and get them started, they often take to it like a duck to water. That’s the thing with children these days; they have so many other distractions that it’s hard to get them started on something new like kids sewing projects.

Child sewing

They have toys and electronic devices that literally have bells and whistles. Not to mention the flashy lights and noises the things are always making. Showing them something like kids sewing projects just doesn’t seem appealing to them when they could be taking over an alien spaceship, or whatever they’re doing on those darn things.


Yep, anyone who is trying to get a young child interested in crafts for the first time definitely has their hands full. Luckily, there are so many different options available that it’s easy to keep trying. It usually only takes a couple times and then the children see something they like, and that’s it.


Once you’ve got their hands busy, they’re happy again. It seems like kids just want to be busy always doing something, and that’s why things like a childs sewing machine is the perfect fit. Maybe if we started out letting them know they’ll get to play with the sewing machine they’ll be more interested from the start.


There are tons of great kid sewing projects. For girls, you can start off with something like a scarf or a blanket, and for boys you can get them to try one of their first projects with something like a sock or better yet a stocking. Pinterest always has a ton of great sewing idea patterns.


More often than not, we’re found that when it comes to trying new kid sewing projects it’s easier to let them take the reins, at least once you’ve got started. Kids still have big imaginations, and once they’re started they will pretty much always tell you what they like.


Best sewing machine for kids


Amazon Rating
Janome 11706 Hello Kitty Seing Machine
Janome 11706 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine
Janome Fastlane Fuchsia Sewing Machine
Janome Fastlane Fuchsia Sewing Machine
Michele LSS-505 sewing machine
Michley LSS 505 Sewing Machine




Choosing the best kids sewing machines


Beginners are notorious for messing up when they first start to sew. They break needles, jam the the thread, put the bobbin in backwards, etc, so you may not be too thrilled about letting them learn on your own sewing machine; especially not if you’ve just upgraded to a better model that threads itself, has 180 different stitches and can embroider a pillowcase in 5 minutes or less.


Let them start using your older model sewing machine, or buy one of the less expensive models available these days. One that doesn’t have all kinds of fancy  extras that the child will not use until he has a lot of experience running a simple model. Both Singer and Brother machines off fairly plan models for around $75- $100. Either would be perfect for beginners.


What are the best beginner sewing machine for kids


Most kids, watching their mother turn bright colored and printed material into a quilt or a garment are anxious to try it for themselves. It’s fun to teach beginners to sew, but every single one of them seems to want to run the machine far faster than their little fingers can move out of the way of the needle so you have to be very captious when first starting out.


Some fabric stores have beginner sewing books that can be a great help with this “desire for speed” problem. There are some with dotted patterns that the child follows with an unthreaded needle in the machine. The patters are made up of curves and corners that insure a fairly slow operating speed. If the child goes too fast, he will end up with a finished picture that has holes punched all over the place instead of in neat lines. Until he or she can show you nice neat lines of holes. He isn’t ready to actually start working on a project using fabric.


When you finally decide that it is time for a “real” project, choose something that the child will be able to use, or give as a gift. A doll quilt for a girl or a tool apron for a boy are easy beginner projects. Others you might consider, depending on the age of the child are potholders for Mom, a set of pillowcases, a cushion cover, or a simple doll to stuff. An older child may want to tackle a full size quilt for his or her bed.


Be sure to encourage safety and patience from the beginning, and when they finish their first real project, you’ll be just as excited as the kids. And, in addition, you’ll experience a lot of satisfaction from having taught them a useful skill that will come in handy for the rest of their lives.


Kids can have fun learning how to sew


Learning how to sew is a lifelong process for a lot folks. It is said that teaching any skill aids the instructor to improve and maintain her or his own skills. Instructing youngsters to use a machine takes you back to the fundamentals of your sewing machine. You may learn a new method or recollect something you had forgotten.


Be prepared for a lot of questions when one starts. What does that button do? What happens when I turn that dial? Have your instruction booklet close by, just in case you aren’t sure what the answer is to the child’s questions.


Being well prepared is a necessary part of the process. One will need to have remnants of material to practice on. Cut an old sheet into pieces that will be easy to handle will work well. You could also have your youngster get some scissor practice by cutting the sheet into pieces.


Being able to cut straight lines is a good skill to learn. Eventually the child will be cutting out patterns, pinning the pieces to the material and cutting the fabric along the lines of the pattern. So, excellent scissor skills are something all of us sewing enthusiast need. Be sure you child size scissors for easy handling.


Good tools and scissors are necessary for making simple sewing projects end up as you would like them to. As one is instructing youngsters sewing skills, it’s a wonderful idea, there are even sewing kits for kids. The container should have essential articles one being scissors which will be solely used for cutting fabric. As you need to know, paper cutting dulls sewing scissors and scissors that are dull lead to frayed fabric and frayed nerves.


A brand new beginning student has need of all of the basics. Such as turning on the machine; turning on the light, where to find the bobbin, feeder panel, the needle, the thread, etc. Those are only a few of the items you might teach on the first lesson.


There are multiple books that have simple sewing projects for youngster making their first projects. You can learn many things out of these books and a student could have the opportunity to select their first sewing projects. This skill is just gained with hands on experience. Be certain you plan for lots of time to practice.


Being patient is an essential to teaching success. One can be sure that the child will like learning how to sew and they could even come to enjoy it.


Janome 11706 Hello Kitty sewing machineJanome 11706 Hello Kitty Seing MachineBuy Now


The janome 11706 Hello Kitty sewing machines a fully functional ideal for beginners. With easy portability using it’s carry handle and also light weight at 12lbs it’s great for learning classes. It has features such as, 11 stitches that include a butthole stitch and 2 stretch stitches. It is durable and meets the Janome quality standards making this the best sewing machine for kids.


  • Free arm for easy stitching pants and sleeves
  • 8 built-in stitches
  • Three feet included with snap on presser foot and extra high for lift
  • Reverse lever for easy locking seams
  • Stitch selection dial
  • Push pull bobbin winder
  • Four step buttonhole
  • easy tension control dial
  • vertical oscillating hook bobbin


  • Lightweight
  • Very easy to use
  • Sews through thick fabrics
  • Good stitch quality


  • Limited number of stitches
  • Some do not like the front loading bobbin


Janome Fastlane Fuchsia sewing machine

Janome Fastlane Fuchsia Sewing Machine

Buy Now


The Janome brand comes with unique colorful machines, which is geared towards girls, particularly this one which has a fuchsia color. Girls would love to have such a light weight and useful convenient machine. It is a machine for girls wanting to learn how to use a sewing machine.


This is a basic machine for beginners and has the same basic functions as any other Janome sewing machine. It has 10 built in stitches, manual thread tension control, top loading bobbin, free arm feature and an on board drawer for storing accessories. The positions are offered at 2 places which are centered and the at the left position.


  • Machine is 5 pounds
  • Finger guard
  • On board storage which is useful for storing needles, bobbins, and other accessories.
  • The system has the manual tension control which is fairly easy to adjust by spinning the dial. This option can make it easy for the adjustment.


  • The machine is flimsy and vulnerable to break easily. This is a huge worry particularly with young users who are not good at handling a sewing machine.
  • The reliability of the machine, where users have found the machine dead after a several weeks.


Michley LSS 505 sewing machine 

Michele LSS-505 sewing machine

Buy Now

The Michele LSS-550 is an electronic machine with a choice of 8 different stitch lines. It is a inexpensive machine for a child beginning to use a sewing machine. If you are interested in a good sewing machine for kids, then we recommend you buy this one.


  • 8 stitches
  • 2 sewing directions
  • Automatic thread rewind
  • LED lighting
  • Bobbin storage thread

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