How to choose a sewing table

Sewing Table

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Sewing is a fun and thrilling chore. Whether you love crafting your curtains, quilts or throw pillows, a good sewing table can make the difference between an enjoyable productive and frustrating sewing job. Perhaps, no one would want to imagine a sewing experience associated with sore backs, hindrances, and disorganized working spaces. If you’ve sewed before, then you understand how challenging it is to organize your sewing space. You have to ensure that those ostensibly infinite fabric yards, many rolls of yarn and the sewing machine are all in order. If you are a sewing fanatic, then you’ll probably want to know what makes a good sewing table.


Features that make a sewing table unique from a regular table


Unlike ordinary tables, sewing tables come with distinct features such as:

Large Working Surfaces

It gives you sufficient space to do your sewing. Activities such as cutting fabric, sewing large materials and pinning small pieces of cloth and more require ample working space. Others are very versatile and come with drop leaves that you can utilize to extend your working space. They are great if you want to stay more organized.

Cabinets, drawers and adjustable shelves

These allow you to store your supplies, tools and incomplete projects. Storage is what determines whether a sewing table is appropriate or not. Remember adequate storage space is useful if you want an organized and accessible sewing table. It makes your work efficient and hassle-free. Some sewing tables can be folded or disguised to save space when not in use.

Aesthetic Appeal or Finish 

Sewing tables are specially constructed and come with stylish or visually appealing designs. It means apart from making your workplace organized; you can select the one that conforms to the aesthetics of your room. The finish also makes it easy to care and maintain. It can remain in tip-top shape even after years of use.

Construction Material 

The quality and type of material used also determines its weight. A light-weight table is easy to transport from one room to the other. Most professional sewers prefer tables with heavy gauge steel construction. Steel is preferred due to its durability.

Favorable width and height

No one would want to work on a table that is too low as it means you’ll have to strain your back, shoulders, and neck or even hunch forward. Similarly, a table that is too high will force you to twist your upper back, shoulders and also wear out your neck. The height of your sewing table matters a lot, and you should give considerable attention. It should be favorable regarding elbow and wrist height. The height of the chair you’ll use also determine the height of the sewing table to buy.

Strong and Stable 

A sewing table not only provides you with the surface to fasten and knit your fabric. You can also place your machine on the top of your desk. Therefore, it is paramount to buy a table that is strong and stable enough to support the weight of your tools, supplies and sewing machine. Stability means your table won’t sway or swing with the vibrations from your machine. An extra number of floor levelers can improve the balance of your table.

Adjustable Platform

You may want to manipulate the platform of your table to suit your sewing needs. A drop-down platform is desirable as it enables you to align the base height of your machine to the height of your table making it easy for the fabric to slide effortlessly along the tabletop.

Benefits of owning a sewing table 

  • You can carry your table anywhere you want. It is excellent especially if you have a light-weight and portable one. You can always take your art with you wherever you go.
    • They are very convenient. They are specially designed to suit your sewing needs depending on the size of your projects. It also enables you to finish your projects quickly and efficiently without disturbances.
    • Sewing tables are available in a broad range of colors, sizes, and designs. You can always choose the one with proper ergonomics and décor that reflects your personality and matches the aesthetics of your home.
    • They make you organized by giving you plenty of space to sew and store your stuff. Those that are foldable give you added advantage since they can take the least space.
    • With a sewing table, you can personalize your wardrobe to fit specific tastes. You can always craft fabric pieces that match any of your desired artistic tastes.

Bottom Line

Sewing is a rewarding experience. It is even more exhilarating when you have all the control in your hands. For an enjoyable sewing experience, it is paramount to consider buying a personal sewing table. Cabinets, drawers and shelves, space, material, height, stability and appearance are some of the features to consider in a sewing table. If you need a new sewing machine for your table take look at these good sewing machines.