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Choosing The Best Sewing Table: What Should You Consider?


Sewing is all fun until spools of thread and pieces of materials fill up your working surface. Then you are forced to spend several minutes or even hours tidying and organizing the area. Of course that eats into your sewing time, and by the time you are done you’re probably exhausted just enough to put off that sewing project. Doesn’t sound inspiring at all, does it? Definitely not! The good news is that you can avoid all that by simply getting the best sewing table for yourself.

Most of us (I’m talking about DIYers, sewing enthusiasts and professionals alike) have passed through that phase where we use the nearest or easiest table to find. Whether it’s the kitchen table, a reading table that’s no longer in use or whatever make-do surface that is readily available. Unfortunately those are not the right tools to enhance your sewing. Instead, you should be looking at getting a real sewing table for your craft.


Best sewing tables comparison chart

PictureBrand Table Size (Inches)WheelsStoragePrice
Sauder Sewing Craft CartSauder Sewing Craft CartLength 40" x Width 19.4 x Height 28.5"YESYES$$
Arrow sewing tableArrow Sewing TableLength 40" x Width 19.75" x Height 28.25"NONO$
Studio design sewing tableStudio DesignsLength 60" x Width 23.75" x Height 29"NOYES$
Sewing TableSewing TableLength 51" x Width 19" x Height 29.5"YESYES$
Studio designsStudio DesignsLength 60" x Width 36" x Height 30.2"YESYES$$
Arrow Gidget IIArrow Gidget II

Length 34.8" x Width 20" x Height 30.5"
South Shore Sewing Table
South Shore Sewing Table

Length 58" x Width 23.5 x Height 29.5"



Sewing Craft Center

Sewing Craft Center

Length 62" x Width 19.5" x Height 28.5"





What’s A Sewing Table?

Best Sewing Table

 It’s exactly what it sounds like – a table that you use for sewing. While they come in a variety of
shapes and sizes, the best sewing table should, at the very least, have drawers and compartments where you can store threads, fabrics, pins, scissors, your sewing patterns and anything else you need.

Having a dedicated workspace not only means that you have sufficient space to work with, but you can also set it up at a designated spot in your home. No moving things around to create sewing space. That should help you concentrate on your projects.




The Best Sewing Table Comparisons


1. Sauder Sewing Craft Cart

Sauder sewing craft cart soft white











Sauder sewing table – is one of the most stunning sewing tables in the market today that I can highly recommend to every buyer. It boasts two design colors: either a bright white or a chic cinnamon cherry polish.  

Features  •  It has a spacious top work surface that measures about 38.5 inches wide and 40 inches long. The length is extend-able and can elongate up to 63 inches.  •  It has a large storage space that is complemented by shelved cabinets located on the right and left sides of the sewing table plus also with-drawable plastic chambers placed on the left side.  • There’s a low shelf purposely designed for storing the sewing machine when not in use. •  Lastly, it comes with lockable caster wheels that ease the mobility. 

Pros   •  Easy to assemble. •  Large storage space. •  Fits in a small space but also extend-able to provide more working area. •  It’s movable. 

Cons  •  There’s a room for improvement for the packaging in order to avoid the breakage of some parts. 

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2. Studio Designs Sewing Center

Studio Designs Sewing Table 13362











Studio designs sewing table – Are looking for a basic sewing machine table? Look no more. This sewing table fits everyone’s budget for it lacks many complications and perfectly serves the purpose. Only a few drawers and sections are fixed.

Features  •  It has an adjustable height adjusted with the help of screws. •  It can support a weight of about 75 lbs as its base is constructed with dense standard steel. •  The surface area of the table is endowed with a folding side leaf that can be used to increase the working area.

Pros  •  It’s Light in weight. •  It has a large worktop space. •  It can easily be assembled. •  It’s cheap.

Cons  •  Lacks wheels to ease mobility. •  It vibrates when in use with a powerful sewing machine.     In conclusion, from the review, it’s up to you to choose the sewing table that fits you perfectly. Rush and purchase one!

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3. Arrow Gidget I Sewing Table

Arrow Sewing Cabinet Table Gidget 1











Arrow sewing table – It’s an interesting sewing table that saves a lot on space, it’s fashionable and technologically equipped just for you. It uses airdrop technology to run the sewing machine up and down or around the table by simply pushing a button.  

Features  •  It comes with two foldable leaves that protrude on both sides that you can readily use to reduce or improve the working area.  •  It’s designed in a way that it can support a weight of around 60 pounds of any sewing machine.  •  It’s a striking convertible table that when not in use, you can turn it into a cabinet or store it. 

Pros  •  It’s cheap. • A perfect fit for those with limited space. •  Adjustable to the user’s needs. 

Cons  •  Lacks storage space. •  Not easily movable due to lack of wheels. 

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4. Southern Enterprises Sewing Table

Southern Enterprises Sewing Table












Southern enterprise sewing table – is spacious in size that it allows the user to carry out the assigned work easily. This table has rotating lockable casters that helps prevent the table from rolling around. The size of this table also helps one in carrying other activities apart from sewing such as ironing. One can place the clothes on this table and iron the clothes easily without any hassle.   I would recommend  anyone to purchase this product due to its specifications.

Features  • This table is usually constructed of MDF and melamine paper that provides good appearance on this table. The overall dimension of this table measures by 31.5 inches wide x 19inches deep x 29.5 inches high that makes this table favorite for sewing. After buying this commodity, the buyer can view all its parts because it is not packed in any packages. Customers should opt in buying this sewing table since it will serve all the purposes accordingly.

Pros  • Mobility to move around • compact so it can fit in small areas

Cons  • Small storage area

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5. Studio Designs Hobby Table

Studio Designs Craft Hobby Table











Studio Designs Hobby Craft Table –  The Hobby Craft Table is a new sewing tables line from Studio Designs following the success of her Eclipse Hobby Sewing Center and Cornet Sewing Tables. The product weighs about 70 pounds and its dimensions are 36D × 30.25 – 39.25H. It has a coated frame that makes it durable and a center top of 10.75W. Its height adjustments features are phenomenal with folding panels of 24.625W which makes it easily adaptable to your needs. 

Features  • Here is why you should purchase the studio designs hobby craft table:  Adjustable height You can adjust the height of the table to suit your needs. You can make it 30.25″ or increase it all the way to 39.25″ so that you do not have to keep bending over. 

Adjustable table top The studio designs hobby craft table has two table tops! You can choose to fold in one of the tops or you can use both table tops to quickly add extra space! The gate fold leg and peg underneath allows you to easily do this You can also fold the table top so that the table is easy to store when you are not using it.

You can do this by folding the 24″W × 36″D panels and with your table at only 12.25″ wide, it is easy to store away and does not take much storage space.  Unique Dual Wheel Casters The table possesses dual wheel casters that makes storing it away easier. Also, the casters make the table movable with extreme ease. You do not have to stress about shifting your table from where it is now to your desired location. 

Metal mesh baskets for extra space while you work The mesh baskets and the bottom shelf offers you storage space for your work supplies that is both long lasting and easy to use.

Pros  • Durability Ease of assembly Versatility Adjustable height

Cons  • You can choose the height of your choice at the point of assembling the product. If you change your mind however, you have to disassemble and start putting it together all over again.         Buy now


6. Arrow Gidget II Adjustable Sewing TableArrow Gidget II Sewing Table










Arrow Gidget II sewing table – is a product of Arrow Cabinets. Its dimensions are 20 × 34.8 × 30.5″ and it weighs 32 pounds. The table is designed so that a sewing machine can be fixed into it and then it provides support for the machine with its 23 1/2″ wide × 12 1/2″ deep opening. It can carry up to a weight of 45 pounds. This is possible because it has a velcro strip on its folding legs that helps secure them and it also has two wheels on its sides.

Features  • Foldable steel legs Its sturdy steel legs are not only strong but can be folded. While in use, they provide reliable support for the table that makes it able to hold the sewing machine that you fix into it. When you fold it, your table becomes easy to store.

Platform that is adaptable to your needs The Arrow Gidget II platform is designed so that you can adjust it to suit your needs. You may want to lower it into a flatbed position or you want it to be at the level of the table surface. Whichever you prefer, you can adapt the table’s platform to these choices and choose how you want to use your machine.

Easy to Move Around With the table’s foldable legs, you can easily carry your table along with you to wherever you need it to be. The two wheels on the sides of the table were built in precisely for this function.

Table can be easily translated into a work desk The table’s usage is so flexible since your machine is not permanently installed on it and so you can choose to use it for your sewing machine or you can flip the platform upwards and turn it into a desk whenever you need some quick extra space.

Pros  • Durability The table has a tough melamine surface that makes it able to last for several years. Easy to store because of its folding legs Provides a strong base because of its steel locking legs complete with velcro strip.

Cons  • It is small in size compared to the functions it is built for.

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7. South Shore Crea Sewing Craft Table

South Shore Crea Sewing Craft Table








South shore sewing table – is a multipurpose sewing table that has a smooth flat top and is waterproof from any spills. It provides you a wide enough working place and organized storage for all your sewing accessories including your sewing machine. Thanks to the handicrafts who designed it for a dedicated work space, to tailors who usually go for the kitchen table for sewing machine. This sewing table is quite flexible to fit in any room one wants to work in and this makes your own preference and creativity in organizing its storage space to meet your need.

Features   It has a plenty work space on top surface enhancing flexibility on sewing and sometimes for handicrafts work.

Under the top surface you can find three orderly divided drawers special for storing your working tools and in these drawers, they are also divided evenly to store small things like pencils, pens or other small items you would need at work.

South shore craft table has an orderly and easy accessible work space as you can open one storage drawer at a time while others remain closed.

The storage space is designed as modules. Module one has three storage spaces in front and five storage spaces that contains adjustable shelves sideways.

The other module consist of one storage space that has a shelf and a drawer on one side and on another side there is two storage spaces with a shelf in between them.

South shore craft table rests on four wheels which makes you easy to move wherever you need in any time.

Pros  • has a plenty working space on the top surface – durable for it cannot break easily due to its weight that hold it still on the ground – surface is made smooth enough to prevent scratches and also it resist water making it waterproof.

Cons  • somewhat heavy – It requires two people during assembling it.

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8. Sauder Sewing Table

Sauder Sewing Table












Sauder sewing cabinet – is made by crafts and provides a perfect life for sewing and craft work. It has its amazing features as follows;

Features  It has a top flat surface creating room for all your needs calling no more additional space for your work. Sauder sewing cabinet has a melamine surface making it possible to resist scratches, heat and stains. It has a drop leaf that provides extra working space for sewing. It has a special hidden storage space behind rolling door for storing sewing machine and consist of two storage bins for putting unwanted materials or items. Behind another door there are two other adjustable shelves creating an additional storage space. Sauder sewing cabinet consists of easy roll-casters making you easily move the table in any of your room smoothly without straining.

Pros  • Sauder sewing cabinet has a surface made of melamine which resist scratches, heat and stains.
Also this feature makes it more functional and attractive. It is built with enough space for storing items you need during work. This storage space makes this table more functional as when you are not working you can store all your items inside the cabinet and the table remains just a beautiful cabinet in the house. The drop leaf located in the sewing table provides significantly additional work space especially for long complex projects.

Sauder sewing cabinet is quite portable since it is constructed with wheels for easy movement all around.

Cons  Assembling Sauder sewing cabinet may be really confusing to many once it reaches at home for it is sold while disassembled for easy transportation. This becomes a challenge to many of the buyers. The height of the table is not adjustable and this may result uncomfortable tailoring positions.
This makes tailors to come up with other ways of making their positions comfortable as they work for a long period. The built in wheels for easy portability makes the table unstable during work times and this may result to some errors of measurements.

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Sewing Table or Sewing Cabinet?

Most people use the terms “sewing table” and “sewing cabinet” interchangeably. While they serve almost the same purpose, they have a few distinct features. A sewing table offers just the surface where you can do your sewing. On the other hand, a sewing cabinet brings slightly more to the table (no pun intended). In addition to the working surface, you also get drawers and cabinets for storage and organization.

Despite the difference, the best sewing machine table should serve you as well as a sewing cabinet. Also noteworthy is that cabinets generally cost more than tables. Now, here we will be using the two terms interchangeably.


Why You Need a Sewing Table

There are many reasons to buy a sewing table. Let’s look at the main ones, shall we?

Perfect size: for starters, a sewing table offers the perfect working size. They come in many different sizes for you to choose a suitable one. Most people don’t have the luxury of space in their homes what with all the furniture and home appliances. The best sewing machine tables are designed to solve that problem. They are small to not take up a lot of your space but have a large-enough surface that you can work with.

Dedicated working space: it’s always nice to have a spot specifically reserved for your craft, and a sewing table offers exactly that to sewers. The best part is that it is designed for the job, meaning you get customized specs that can help you complete your projects with little to no stress.

Versatility: the best sewing tables are pretty compact and easy to carry. Some are foldable, you can move it from one corner or room to another effortlessly. Meaning you can put it anywhere you feel comfortable working from. Additionally, they can be used for sewing, quilting and many other sewing-related stuff. That versatility is why having one of these helps your sewing skills in many ways. And while we may not recommend it, you can actually use the tabletop space for other crafts like knitting, painting, drawing etc.

Organization: sewing machine tables, particularly cabinets, provide a tabletop surface for your sewing machine as well as draws and compartments for storage. Rather than leaving your sewing accessories all over the place, you can organize them neatly in the storage spaces and leave the top surface for incomplete projects.


What Should You Look For In A Sewing Table?

There clearly are several benefits of having a sewing table. However, you will only enjoy them if you pick the very best. With a variety of models, sizes, designs and colors available, it’s entirely possible to get a unit that matches your needs, taste and preferences. You can even find one that fits your home’s décor perfectly. But of course the first and foremost factor should be service – how well will it serve you? Here are the points to keep in mind:


  1. Storage

A typical sewing machine table with nothing more than the tabletop might seem attractive on account of its simplicity. But where will you be storing all your sewing accessories, patterns and unfinished projects? Well, you will need to budget for a stand-alone storage cabinet. A better alternative would be getting a sewing table that actually comes with built-in storage spaces (what we call a sewing cabinet). That way you would get drawers and compartments for all your sewing stuff.


  1. Stability

Every so often you will be sewing things that require your machine to run at a high speed. Those are the times when stability really matters. If it’s not stable you won’t be able to make precise patterns. Worse still the whole thing could easily fall apart.


  1. Surface area

So, you’ve shopped around and settled for a sewing machine table, great! Now you have a decent surface to place your sewing machine, great again! But does it offer adequate surface for resting your fabric when sewing? Think of projects that require large pieces of material to be on the surface, like curtains or cloths that are equally large. Also, if you plan on doing some quilting it wouldn’t hurt to have a sewing table that comes with a quilting arm.


  1. Overall construction

You will find many different styles and designs of sewing machine tables. In that regard, you can analyze everything from the material used in construction all the way to color. You may even be inspired to build your own sewing table.

Generally, metal, wood and particleboard make sturdy and durable tables. The finishing matters too. You will find some that feature a surface that is resistant to heat, scratch and water. Besides preventing damage, such features make for very easy cleaning and an appealing outlook.

You may also consider a unit that has lockable caster feet. With that you will find it very easy to move the whole table from one point to another should the need arise. Once it is in your preferred position you can then lock it securely and setup a workstation.


  1. Pneumatic lift

A common feature in high-end models, a pneumatic lift adjusts the height of a sewing table automatically. Some recline when not in use, but with just one click of a button they rise, bringing the tabletop to your height and assembling all the compartments automatically. You will need to pay an extra dollar for such a feature, but you may find it totally worthy.


The Takeaway Point

The best sewing machine tables tend to improve users’ sewing experiences radically. With one of these units you will not only have a surface to work on but you may also get storage compartments for all your accessories. Just make sure the one you pick meets all your needs. And you don’t even need to break the bank for that, there are several affordable models available on the market. A little shopping around will separate the good from the bad. 



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